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ASCII consulting non functional testing solutions provide intelligent virtual users and sophisticated ready-to-run load test scenarios that realistically simulate user requests. Users can select preset or customized load test scenarios. 

ASCII Consulting can help your organisation prevent costly performance problems in production by detecting bottlenecks before your system is ready to go live by testing applications against future volumes, predict system behaviour and application hardware and reduce the cost of defects by early testing in the development cycle.

Preset scenarios include bell curve, buffer test, linear increase and steady load. The solutions are available for following. 

Application Deployment Solution: For the Citrix protocol. 
Client/Server: For DB2 CLI, DNS, MS SQL, ODBC, Oracle (2-tier), Sybase 
Ctlib, Sybase Dblib, and Windows Sockets protocols. 
Custom: For C templates, Visual Basic templates, Java templates, 
Javascript and VBscript type scripts. 
Distributed Components: For COM/DCOM, Corba-Java, and Rmi -Java 
E-business: For FTP, LDAP, Palm, Web (HTTP/HTML), Web Services, and 
the dual Web/Winsocket protocols. 
Enterprise Java Beans: For EJB Testing and Rmi-Java protocols. 
ERP/CRM: SAPGUI, SA-Web, Web-HTTP, Oracle NCA, Peoplesoft-Tuxedo, Peoplesoft 8, 
and Siebel (Siebel-DB2CLI, Siebel-MSSQL, Siebel-Web and Siebel-Oracle) protocols. 
Legacy: For Terminal Emulation (RTE). 
Mailing Services: Internet Messaging (IMAP), MS Exchange (MAPI), 
POP3, and SMTP. 
Middleware: Jacada and Tuxedo (6, 7) protocols. 
Streaming: For MediaPlayer and RealPlayer protocols. 
Wireless: For i-Mode, VoiceXML, and WAP protocols. 

Non-Functional Testing is designed to evaluate the readiness of your system according to several criteria not covered by functional testing. These criteria include:

Performance: ASCII Consulting  tests a system's performance to ensure that it provides acceptable response times and user load capabilities. Performance testing will:

Test applications against predicted future volumes
Identify break points to assess the applications ability to cope with a given number of users
Undertake performance based load testing to assess applications performance when being accessed by large numbers of users simultaneously
Test over an extended period of time to ensure, for example, that an application is not running out of memory

Disaster Recovery: ASCII Consulting will ensure that you are prepared in case of a disaster. Disaster recovery plans are checked and back-up systems are tested. Proving the effectiveness of your back-up systems will prevent damage to your business’ reputation and minimise the costs involved if the main system malfunctions.

Security: ASCII Consulting will test the security of your system by conduction extensive Pen-testing and assess its vulnerability to hacking.

ASCII Consulting’s experience across a range of performance testing applications, such as HP's LoadRunner, will help you implement automated testing tools, and report meaningful information about the performance of your system with advice on appropriate actions.

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