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What is a Managed Service? A practice where a part or whole day-to-day operations of an organisation is administered to a third party provider as a strategic method for improved effective and efficient operations. 

The organisation still retains direct control and overall management responsibility of the system. ASCII Consulting can help you manage part or whole of your testing operations effectively, efficiently and most importantly very cost effective with our pool of experienced test managers and test analysts. 

We have a range of managed services designed to help your organisation free up resources and concrete on more critical business issues. Our flexible engagement model allows for a high degree of flexibility and our rates are always extremely competitive. 

Our services range from Test and Quality Management support, Web Security and monitoring services and Automation Services. 

Benefits of ASCII Consulting managed service 

Greater focus on core business products and growth
Reduce and control operating costs
Gain access to world class capabilities
Free internal resources for other purposes
Handle functions that are difficult to manage or are out of control
Cost and time savings Less overhead investment or debt
Ease regulatory compliance burden 

ASCII Consulting range of managed services 

Load and Performance Testing and Tuning 
System Testing
User Acceptance Testing
Operational Acceptance Testing
Test Management
Test Automation 
Managed Regression Testing
Integration Testing 
Unit testing 
Data Driven Testing                                                       

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