Managed Services

Lack of skilled resources? Or are your resources needed elsewhere. 

ASCII Consulting can help you manage part or whole of your testing operations effectively, efficiently and most importantly very cost effective with our pool of experienced test managers and test analysts.

Test Managment

Is your test process or strategy working for you  

ASCII Consulting can help your organisation bring strong industry specific knowledge and testing experience, and are responsible for ensuring that all the necessary resources are place to implement your testing strategy.

Functional Testing

Do you have problems integrating your application with existing ones.

ASCII Consulting can assist you with every stage of functionality testing, from module and unit testing through to final UAT.

Non-Functional Testing 

Existing system continously crashing or cant handle acceptable load

ASCII Consulting can help your organisation prevent costly performance problems in production by detecting bottlenecks before your system is ready to go live by testing applications against future volumes, predict system behaviour and application hardware and reduce the cost of defects by early testing in the development cycle.      

Strategic Consulting

Determine the ROI on your testing projects

ASCII Consulting's consultant can undertake a complete review of your organisation's test processes, strategy and ongoing approach

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