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Does your application deliver the capabilities that users need? Can users successfully complete the tasks they need to perform? Do your users receive the correct responses for their requests? If not, a company risks losing significant revenue and customer loyalty. Growing competitive pressures are forcing organizations to ensure that their applications meet their business requirements before they are put into production. 

ASCII Consulting can assist you with every stage of functionality testing, from module and unit testing through to final UAT. 

ASCII consulting functional software testing solutions simplify functionality testing by providing the ability to create sophisticated user test scenarios–without any scripting. You can record specific user tasks or have the solution automatically generate unique user tasks. The tests can be extended to dynamically populate the user tests with values stored in data sources. These functional testing solutions are available for Web Services, HTML and XML environments. 

These user tests can be leveraged across the organization. They can be converted to a regression test by QA to verify whether new releases break the existing functionality. They can also be converted into a performance-testing suite that verifies if the application will deliver the performance users need at the expected user load.

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