A specialist independent provider of software and systems testing consultancy to enterprise and mid market companies. ASCII specialises in testing alone; its in-depth experience with all leading testing tools and methodologies. We embrace a methodology that provides an entire coverage of all required testing activities, regardless of the size of the project.

Whats your business ambition:

Our starting point is always your organisation and your software testing and management needs. Whatever your business objectives, we provide the expertise resource in cooperation with you to help you achieve them.

•Build test and communicate your brand
•To increase productivity in the development lifecycle
•Improve speed to market
•Enhance the quality of the delivered product
•Manage the ongoing implementation of your information technology strategy
•Ensure consistent system testing across your branch network

Why Us?

ASCII Consulting tests mission critical systems to minimise their associated risk, control cost and reduce their time to market.

ASCII Consulting assists in addressing the challenge for today’s organisation who are faced with real schedule deadlines and need to manage and perform testing on a project. Our primary role is to help your organisation shorten the overall development schedule by addressing the riskiest aspects of developments in early builds.

ASCII Consulting's test approach and methodology on your software testing projects can quickly generate return on investment, especially when considering mission critical testing requirements. 

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